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Hi, I'm Lynne and I'm tired of hiding behind my disability. Being disabled doesn't mean I'm less human than other people; I am just different from other people  (kind of like Superman is different from everyone else). I have decided it's time to step out into the light. Let's talk about what needs to be talked about, help one another, and educate others.

Get a free copy of Don't Call it a Miracle!

Don't Call It A Miracle: The Movement To Cure Spinal Cord Injury by Kate Willette is available in  PDF, iBook, Kindle and printed formats and is yours for free!

Don't Call It a Miracle is a great book that explains in easy to understand terminology:

  • the basic biology of an injured spinal cord
  • what approaches scientists are taking to fix, heal or bypass the nervous system
  • what you can do to help!