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Active Hands Grip Aids | Working out with Little or no Hand Function


Having a spinal cord injury changes a lot about life. So many things that you used to do now seem impossible. Over time we learn different ways to do things. We create or learn about special gadgets, utensils, and aids to help us invent new ways to again do the things we love.

I know a lot of us love to work out. Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries often affect our ability to use our hands; some of us cannot use our hands at all. This makes it incredibly difficult or impossible to grip handles on workout equipment. Something we love - literally out of grasp.

Luckily, Active Hands makes several different grip and exercise aids to help those with no, poor or weak grip and hand function get back to working out! Even better, they are letting me offer you a great discount on their products (read on to get the special code)!

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