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Handicap Parking Spaces Rules and Requirements

Before I became disabled I never thought much about handicap / accessible parking spots in parking lots or the parking lot striping next to them. I never parked there because I knew it was wrong, but I had no idea how important those handicapped parking spots and the striping next to the parking spots are to the disabled.

I have been a wheelchair user for almost 11 years now. In the beginning, it didn't take long to gain an understanding of how important it is for those accessible parking spaces to be used properly and only by those who legally need them.

Every single time I go out I see vehicles illegally parked in accessible parking spaces; vehicles parked improperly within their accessible parking spot, and small cars parked in van accessible spots. Yeah, there are two different "types" of handicap parking spaces.

Here's some information that will help you gain some clarity about parking in accessible handicap spots and on handicap parking lot striping (the access aisle).

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